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His Grace the Right Reverend Bishop Dr BE Lekganyane started Kganya in 1990, to protect his congregation against tough financial times when a family member passes away. His Grace the Bishop wants every member to be treated fairly, equally and professionally at all times.

How is my contribution helping my community?
Kganya helps me to uplift my community. Kganya uses some of our monthly payments for the following:

  • Basic Skills Training - This training is offered to selected members of Kganya at no charge. These include skills like baking, sewing, building, welding and plumbing. So far 8,706 members have benefitted.

  • Winter Enrichment School for Learners - This school is for grade 10-12 learners during the winter holidays. You need to apply for this benefit and it is offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • Clinic at Moria - This is the only clinic in the area and helps people from Moria and Boyne areas. 6,000 people use the clinic every month. An AIDS Outreach programme also runs from here and feeds people.

  • Business Centre at Moria - Church members can do ATM banking when they attend Moria. All admin problems or questions can be addressed 24-hours a day at the Business Centre, during Conference times and when members are visiting Moria.

How does Pukwana ya Kganya help me?

  • I can pay my contribution at the Church. Kganya is available at 1410 ZCC Church Branches in South Africa and neighbouring countries.
  • I receive an excellent service for a fair price of R 90,00 per month which includes my contribution to the ZCC.
  • Kganya pays 95% of members’ claims through their 17 service centres and through select Sanlam Client Care Offices located throughout South Africa
  • About 700,000 members are serviced by Kganya every month.
  • Up to 1000 claims are paid out every month.
  • I receive cover for Burial, Personal Accident and Dread Disease.
  • My journey to Moria is made safer with free benefits like roadside assistance and tow in services.
  • For only R5 per year, I can get 50% discount on my bus tickets to Moria and back AND 1 free meal at each of the conferences in Easter, September and December, first come-first served.
Welcome to the Kganya Website!
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